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: !!! - Traceability - Traçabilité - Traceerbaarheid !!!
News : Traceability will be required by 2005 - better you start now !
Events: Brico, Delhaize, Technofutur3 and EdiPax are organising free awareness meetings.
Register now (FR) to come and see Brico Belgium B2B recommended solution !
B2B in BE, FR and NL
B2B partners - EANCOM universal(DIY, retail,...)!

The good old days of ASCII files converters are over. Email is now crucial for your business and your commercial application MUST integrate connectivity !
How ? EdiPax has prepared a new Net EDI cross data model freeware solution.

Interchange 2004 : EdiPax was there !

Interchange 2003: EdiPax was there !
We are a Belgium based company with no relation outside Europe, but all WWW visitors are welcome

Free EDI connectivity - the Pax Portal initiative has been opened for all companies who would like to start to exchange EDI messages in a CHEAPER AND MORE EFFICIENT way.

Web EDI - the net Enterprise way. Start online data exchange immediately at virtualy zero costs!!!
Get the details on our net-EDI solution.
Detailed offer - join the net-EDI community - find the best option for you. Starting at 0 costs!!!
Do you want to cut your costs related to price catalogues, invoices, orders, despatch advise and much more...? Applications currently under development, come back soon for updates.
We are always pushing forward the technological developments in our field. You can expect more product announcements very soon...
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