EdiPax, as a specialist in the field of B2B data exchange (over 10 years of experience in EDI), has always been an "open standard" sponsor, a requirement when supplying solutions to EUROSTAT or Banque de France.

Key benefits when using "open standard":

  • not bound to a single supplier
  • long term, always more cost effective
  • keep the solution "under control", with the ability to move your key data or processes to other supplier
  • connectivity to public sector (Central Banks,...)

Key benefits of our Solution:

  • no need to buy new hardware -no need to install new software - all you need to get connected is an Internet connection (a web browser or a mail client are recommended)
  • your messages are received in your "mailbox" which is securely stored on your machine or on our servers
  • we provide conversions, backup and other services based on your specifications
  • option between attended or fully automated mode
  • possibility to start a private virtual business community --> go further with your supply chain management
  • low cost per message - basic service is provided for FREE!!!

Small and medium-sized companies can use this online service to do business with their larger customers and suppliers electronically in a simple and low-cost manner.

Opportunity for large businesses to connect all their business partners in an easy and inexpensive way!

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What is Web EDI?
Web EDI is a relatively new term in the B2B data exchange world.
It appeared as a reaction to on one side relatively expensive and therefore unavailable technologies of traditional EDI and the opportunities offered by the new communication channels on the other. The new efficient means of communication - especially the Internet - offer a new business paradigm referred to as the "Network Economy" where companies use the new technologies to integrate their business processes. One of the typical features of the Network Economy is the speed with which transactions are realized. To be able to follow this pace, business chains must be able to exchange information such as what and when should be delivered very quickly. In the past, the "traditional EDI" was fulfilling this role. However for small and medium sized companies, this technology was not accessible due to rather high costs and and a demanding implementation.

WebEDI offers an alternative. Due to the fact that connection to the Internet has largely increased its availability, reliability and security while decreasing the connection price, WebEDI provides an easy and inexpensive way of connecting companies to a server working as a "data exchange center". WebEDI is, therefore, quickly replacing older EDI technologies anywhere where there is a need for large-scale and fast deployment.

Web EDI offers you the opportunity to start to exchange electronic messages with your partners:

  • in a short time
  • at very low costs

What is the EdiPax approach to Web EDI?
EdiPax, when implementing the Web EDI technology, went even further.
Based on the experience we have gained and on the strategy of integration of the Web EDI technology to other Pax Family products, EdiPax introduces net-EDI. The advantage of this approach is the open architecture of the solution together with the possibility to integrate the net-EDI solution with other EdiPax applications which already conform with the net enterprise technology.
This, for example, gives an opportunity to the users of our net-EDI to migrate at any time to an automated client/server solution and therefore optimize their data-exchange workloads.
It is a fully distributable modular solution that can grow with your needs!

How does it work?
The principle is very simple.
Business Partners receive their messages in their "mailboxes" on our server. These messages are then processed according to the specifications of the customer - for instance an ORDER message is received in EDIFACT data format and is converted into an in-house XML format and a notification upon its arrival in the mailbox is sent to the owner of the mailbox.

You have several possibilities how to access your data based on your requirements.
You can choose between several EdiPax products to access your data:

  • Pax Web Connect - connect to your mailbox through your web browser
  • Pax EDI Browser - download your data on your disk and browse their content off-line
  • client solution - automate the process of receiving and converting of your messages
  • Server solution - Pax Server v3 - fulfilling all your needs

Do you have low message volumes?
Is the traditional EDI too expensive for you? You do not want to spend extra money on an exchange of a few messages per month? Then we have a perfect solution for you. You can start with our basic package for FREE!!! There is absolutely no risk for you. The limitation is the number of messages you can receive per month and you have to check out for your messages manually on our server. Of course, at any time, you can decide to upgrade in order to get all the benefits such as: message notification, automated mode, export in your in-house format etc.

Do you have large message volumes?
For you, we have also several choices. Time is critical for your business, you do not have time to go and search if you have new messages. We have a fully automated processing when messages are delivered to your machine. You have absolute control over the data flows.

And what is the technology behind?
We know how your data is important to you. Therefore we use only secure communication channels.
The communication channels and method of use are based on your specific needs:

  • We offer a secure HTTPS access to our server through a regular Internet browser in an attended mode
  • Email messages are encrypted 
  • A client access running on your local machine which connects to our server to retrieve/send new messages. This offers the fully automated operation.
  • A converter to XML, Access, Flat File and Microsoft Biztalk Server. Export to Microsoft SQL server (SQL 2000 XML queries) and Oracle XML (8i) will be ready shortly.
  • A PaxServer v3 solution. A strategic decision. Getting the full service. Run your own net-EDI.

Why EdiPax?
EdiPax has large expertise in the field of EDI, we have a full range of EDI related products and the capacity to master new web technologies. But not only that, the mission of EdiPax is to provide high quality solutions at very low costs. This is the reason why EdiPax decided to offer a package available for anybody. You can connect and receive your messages online on our server for FREE!!!

We believe we have a solution for YOUR business!


How do I start to use the EdiPax Web EDI solution?
First of all, you need to get registered. To register, send us an email describing who you would like to start receiving messages from and what kind of message transformation you require (conversion from - to). Our responsible personnel will contact you in a short delay to offer you the most suitable solution for your needs.

Does EdiPax offer other solutions for B2B data exchange?
Yes, of course. EdiPax has a wide range of products, starting on simple, manual, low-volume clients up to large capacity, high performance automated servers. Please refer to our product pages or contact our sales department.

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