FAQ - the EdiPax net-EDI Service

EdiPax prepared a special offer.

Start to exchange electronic messages today!
The basic service is offered FREE of charge!!!

Start with receiving EDIFACT ORDERS messages posted by your customer using EdiPax PaxNetConnect application to access your mailbox at EdiPax net-EDI server.

What is the process of using net-EDI with EdiPax?
After you have registered with EdiPax, we create a special mailbox for you and confirm your registration. You will get all the information you need so that your business partner can start to send you electronic messages to your new mailbox with EdiPax. Now, after a message has been posted into your mailbox, you will connect to your mailbox using EdiPax software. You do not need to worry, this software is easy to use and basically, all you need is a connection to the Internet and your Internet browser. And what is even more interesting - this software "Pax Net Connector" is provided by EdiPax for free!!! You connect to your mailbox and browse through your messages, print them out or send and answer to the message sender.

Is the service provided really for free?
Yes, the basic package is really provided for free. This package allows you to have a mailbox at our server and to start to receive electronic messages in this mailbox. These messages are converted to a readable format and you can browse or even print them.

Should you require any additional services such as further data conversions, consulting or support services, EdiPax will be happy to provide you with help. However, will charge you for those extra services.

If you want to get more details about the terms of the service - including the prices for extra services, go to our detailed offer page.

What should I do to start today?
Go to the net client Download section and select a net client or net solution.
If you are a new EdiPax user and you want quality support, then you  register with us, explaining what kind of data you wish to exchange with your business partner, further detailing your need. If you are already an existing EdiPax user: email us or notify the EDI support.

EdiPax will then send you an email with a link to install a certificate. This certificate will make sure that the communication between you and EdiPax is protected against unauthorized access.

More information available soon.
Contact us to get more information!