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Tracking and

Notification is a legal requirement since 01/01/2004. Tracking and Tracing will be required by 01/01/2005.
ERP (SAP) + EDI + Intranet + WWW + 24/7 services = External Traceability !
GTIN + GLN + SSCC+ Barcodes + Logistics Labels = Best Practices !
Traceability FAQ ? - visit http://www.edipax.com/trace about:
 - Minimum legal paper version : 0.00 € !
 - Net-Track-Trace EAN Basic/High level : from 25 €/month - with or without ERP
 - Full ERP + EDI + WWW + 24/7 : from 50 €/month
Create and update well-formed CDB PRICAT : free !
Email product catalogues to partners and customers
Create, print, share PRIce CATalogues through Intranet - publish on WWW
Customise forms & lists (CSS and pictures)
Utilities : archive, check syntax, validate items,... powerful tools at programmers service
Requirement : IE5, ASP IIS 5.0 - NT4 SP6a, 2000 or XP
AS1/AS2/email integrated solutions, secure, legally binding (conform to 77/388/CEE)
e-Invoice and e-Audit : Exchange electronic secure, signed invoice ! Client and server side, push and pull !
Send your e-Messages using EDIINT AS2
You are a SME and you look for a cheap and efficient solution.
Access your Web-EDI box. No installation.
Secure, quick, easy !
Additional services include archive on CD, disaster recovery solution, high quality WYSYWYG printing
XML/SOAP: the envelope contains more information : a better document flow management
1 interface through the document chain (-> archives)
SMTP connectivity : free of charge (< 50 messages /500 K)
Cost effective - save admins' time, "site" license
24/7 heavy duty e-Commerce servers (SMTP, X400, FTP, WebDAV HTTP/HTTPS, encryption, Xml/EDI…)
Committed to the concept of NET Enterprise / .net architecture
Gateway + routing + overview = document management
You are a NODE : connect 100% of your partners
Our data interchange solutions for small and great More information ? http://www.edipax.com/show .
We also organise awareness events. Email info@edipax.com to get event calendar.